Levocarnitine Oral Solution

  • Trade Name:Levfort
  • Specification:Each 10 ml contains levocarnitine 1 g
  • Package:6 vials/box
  • Introduction
  • Features
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    Colorless and clear liquid with slight fragrance and sweet taste.




    For the prevention of Levocarnitine deficiency. In the reported cases, the clinical presentation consisted are in following.

    1. Primary systemic carnitine deficiency, including recurrent episodes of Reye-like encephalopathy, hypoketotic hypoglycemia, and/or cardiomyopathy. Associated symptoms included hypotonia, muscle weakness and failure to thrive.

    2.Acute and chronic treatment of patients with an inborn error of metabolism which results in a secondary carnitine deficiency.

    3.Improve quality of sperm and increase the success of male fertility.

    4. Relieve muscle fatigue and increase athletic stamina.

    5. Levocarnitine transports fat into the mitochondria, fires up body to burn fat and increase metabolism for weight loss.


    Usage and Dosage


    Oral administration: take it when take meals. 1-3 g (1-3 vials) for adults per day, divided into 2-3 times; the initial dose for children is 50 mg /kg body weight, increase the dose slowly according to demand and tolerance; the common dose is 50-100 mg/kg body weight (the maximum dose doesn’t exceed 3 g per day).




    10 ml:1 g




    Protect from light, store in a well-tight container.




    Glass tubing bottles for oral solution, 6 vials/box, 10 vials/box


    Shelf life


    24 Months




    Relieve muscle fatigue and increase athletic stamina.



    In 1993, FDA recognized levocarnitine as a GARS substance. In 1994, German Ministry of Health approved the safety of levocarnitine, and recommended no upper limits for oral administration.




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