About us

R&D center

Northeast Pharm R&D center is accomplished by experienced scientists, technicians and chemists. Now it is composed of more than 70 talented and experienced professionals, 85 of them hold a bachelor's degree or above, which forms the backbone of Northeast Pharm. R&D Center is well equipped with advanced experimental and analyzing instruments and is mainly engaged in the new drug development and process optimization work. With excellent abilities for independent research and development, R&D center has built several platforms for compounds Synthesis and separation, microbial fermentation, chemical engineering, pharmaceutics, quality analysis and research, industrialization. In addition, advanced instruments and integrated pilot plant make it possible to rapidly transform lab trial into large-scale production and commercial production. In the past few years, Northeast Pharm R&D center was the first in China to succeed in developing dozens of new products: such as anti-AIDS drugs, chloramphenicol, the total synthesis of berberine, amantadine, fosfomycin, piracetam, L-carnitine, vinpocetine, etc.


Research Focus

Northeast Pharm R&D center is working continuously on the research and development of new therapeutic area for diseases with a high medical need. Northeast Pharm concentrates on three core areas: gastroenterology, cardiovascular diseases and Women´s Healthcare. With new approaches in analgesic, urinary tract diseases and anti-HIV therapy, we aim to become the innovation leader in these areas.

• Filter out suitable active compounds

• Develop new drug formulations

• Develop new drug delivery systems

• Tie-ups with independent research teams to develop new products.