Bacillus Licheniformis Capsules

  • Trade Name:Blicheni
  • Specification:Each sachet contains viable bacteria 500 million
  • Package:6 × 1 blister/box; 6 × 2 blisters/box; 20 capsules/bottle; 36 capsules/bottle; 60 capsules/bottle
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  • Features
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    Blicheni Capsule is a probiotic consisting of live bacillus licheniformis 63516. Each capsule contains 500 million live bacillus licheniformis 63516.


    Each capsule contains 5×108 CFU of bacillus licheniformis. Other ingredients are lactose and starch.


    Treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea

    Prevention and treatment of intestinal flora imbalance

    [Dosage and administration]

    Adults: 2 capsules per time, twice a day, doulbe for the first time. Childern: 2 capsules twice a day, doulbe for the first time. This dosage may be increased on medical advice, without any problems.

    For the patient with swallowing difficulties, open the capsules firstly, and then mix the contents with a small quantity of warm water or drink (not exceed 40) before use.

    [Drug interaction]

    1. Blicheni may be resistant to some antibacterial antibiotics. Consult your doctor if Blicheni need to be taken along with antibacterial antibiotics. Or two products should be taken with a three-hour interval.

    2. Bismuth, digallic acid, medicinal carbon or alcoholature can inhibit and adsorb the live bacterium, so Blicheni can’t be taken along with the above substances.

    [Side effect]

    Constipation may occur in case of overdose


    1. If a person cannot swallow the capsules, they may be opened and the contents mixed with semi-solid or beverages. Avoid the use of hot foods or beverages as this may adversely affect the potency and activity of the supplement. The appropriate temperature used for dissolution is not higher than 40.

    2. Tell your doctor and pharmacist, if you are taking antibacterial antibiotics.

    3. Do not take Blicheni without medical advice if you are the person with allergic physique. People who are allergenic to our product should be prohibited to use.

    4. Use is prohibited if the characteristics of the product are changed.

    5. Please keep this product out of reach of children.

    6. Use by children must be under tutelage of adult.

    7. Please consult with a physician or healthcare professional before using if you are using other drugs at the same time.


    Blicheni has antagonism against pathogenic bacteria, such as staphylococcus, yeast-like fungi, etc. Meanwhile, it can improve the growth of bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, bacteroides, peptostreptococcus, thereby coordinating intestinal flora. Blicheni also produces antibiotic substances which can inhibit intestinal pathogenic microbes directly. As an “oxygen looter”, Blicheni can result in a condition deficient in oxygen to inhibit the pathogenic microbes, and support the growth of normal anaerobes.


    0.25 g per capsule


    Stored at room temperature in a dry place. Please do not refrigerate.

    [Shelf life]

    30 months

    [How supplied]

    Blister: 6 × 1 blister/box; 6 × 2 blisters/box; 20 capsules/bottle; 36 capsules/bottle; 60 capsules/bottle







    Bacillus licheniformis has spores structure, which can resist to stomach acid to improve stability of Blicheni® in stomach.


    The live Bacillus licheniformis has antioxidant high-temperature resistance performance. It is stable, having 30 months shelf life under room temperature, and requiring no refrigeration.


    Blicheni® can resist to many antibiotics, such as azithromycin, penicillin, chloromycetin, etc, and act with antibiotics synergistically in the treatment of diarrhea.


    Bacillus licheniformis is a non-toxic strain, which has LD50 over 6.52×1013 CFU/kg. Bacillus licheniformis contains no plasmid, so it doesn’t transfer antibiotic resistance.


    Bacillus licheniformis belongs to transient flora, which can be excreted after discontinuation for 7-10 days.


    Since 1992, more than 3 billion doses of Blicheni® from Northeast Pharm have been administrated. From that experience and numerous studies conducted (more than 60 clinical studies involving more than 1600 patients), we can confidently conclude that Blicheni® is well tolerated.




    Physiological Function

    1. Supports Digestive Health

    Dual ecological action — directly counteracting the pathogenic bacteria and at the same time coordinating the functions of normal intestinal flora.

    1.1 Produce antimicrobial activity substances, such as Gramicidin, Subtilin, Polymycin, Mycostatin and Cephalosporin C, etc to inhibit the growth of intestinal pathogenic microbes directly.

    1.2 Consume oxygen in intestine to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria (normal anaerobes). Blicheni® is a facultative anaerobe, which can grow in the oxygen environment and quickly consume the free oxygen,

    acting as an “oxygen looter”. A condition deficient in oxygen results supports the growth of normal anaerobes and thereby indirectly inhibits the pathogenic microbes to adjust intestinal flora disorder.

    1.3 Act as a protective barrier in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

    When Blicheni® reaches its optimal environment (the gut), it starts multiplying and proliferating throughout the gut. It adheres to the surface of the intestinal mucosa to inhibit the harm of pathogenic bacteria to intestinal mucosa.

    2. Improves digestion

    Blicheni® can excrete various digestive enzyme such as diastase, protease and Lipase, to help absorb nutrients and improve digestion synergistically.

    3. Supports immune health

    The study showed that Blicheni® has obvious non-specific promotion effect on macrophage, so it can activate the body devour activity and improve anti-infection capacity.