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Catherine Wang

Regulatory Affairs Supervisor

God helps those who help themselves. We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

1. Responsible for making a plan of compiling of product registration dossiers;
2. Responsible for communication and coordination with other departments about the registration issues;
3. Follow up and communicate directly with customers or regulatory authorities, obtaining the latest news and progress about the product registration;
4. Responsible for the team construction and team culture, enhance the team cohesiveness;
5. Study and follow up the laws, regulations, guidelines and requirements on registration in different countries and regions; and perform the professional training to team members; 
6. Provide support for the customer on-site audit, as translator.

Education background

1. 1996.09-2000.07
Lanzhou University, major in Scientific & Technological Information Management, bachelor degree
2. 2007.01-2010.06
Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, major in Pharmaceuticals, self-studying examination, associate degree.