Metacycline Hydrochloride Tablet

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Sugar coated or film-coated tablet. It appears yellow or khaki when the coating is removed.




I. For the treatment of following diseases as a first-choice or alternative medicine:
1. Rickettsial disease, including epidemic typhus, endemic typhus, rocky mountain hot, scrub typhus and Q fever.
2. Mycoplasma infection.
3. Chlamydia infection, including psittacosis, venereal sex is lymphatic granulation is swollen, blame drenchs bacterium sex urethritis, tubal phlogistic, cervicitis and trachoma.
4. Relapsing fever.
5. Brucellosis.
6. cholera
7. tularemia
8. plague
9. Soft chancre.

Combination with aminoglycoside is suggested for the treatment of brucellosis and plague.

II. At present ,the common pathogens have serious resistance for tetracycline drug. This medicine is only suggested when the pathogens are sensitive to this product. This product should not be used for hemolytic streptococcus infections and staph infections.
III. For patients sensitive to penicillin, this product can be used for the treatment of allergy tetanus, gas gangrene , yaws, syphilis, gonococcal urethritis, cervicitis and leptospirosis and Actinomyces and Listeria monocytogenes infection.
IV. It can be used for the adjunctive therapy moderate-severe acne.


Usage and Dosage


Adults: oral administration, 300 mg (3 tablets) every 12 hours.
Children over 8-year-old: oral administration, 5 mg/kg body weight every 12 hours.




0.1 g/tablet, calculated on C22H22N2O8




Keep in sealed container, protect from light, stored in cool and dry place, not exceeding 20.




Package: aluminum-plastic blister packing

10 tablets /blister × 2 blisters/box
6 tablets /blister
×2 blisters/ box


shelf life


24 Months