Levofloxacin Hydrochloride and Sodium Chloride Injection

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Light yellow-green or yellow-green, transparent liquid.




For the treatment of moderate and severe infections as below induced by susceptible bacteria:

1.      Respiratory tract infection: acute exacerbation of acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, diffuse bronchitis, bronchiectasis combined with infections, pneumonia, and amygdalitis;

2.      Urinary system infections: pyelonephritis, complicated urinary tract infections;

3.      Reproductive system infections: acute prostatitis, acute epididymitis, uterine cavity infection, adnexitis, pelvic infections;

4.      Skin and soft tissues infections: infectious impetigo, Cellulitis, lymphangitis, Subcutaneous abscesses, Perianal Abscess;

5.      Intestinal tract infections: bacterial dysentery, infective enteritis, Salmonella enteritis, typhia, and paratyphoid;

6.      Various infections due to septicemia, granulocytopenia and immunodeficiency;

7.      Other infections: mastitis, trauma, empyrosis and postoperative wound infection, intra-abdominal infection, cholecystitis, cholangitis, bone and joint infections and facial features infections.


Usage and Dosage


Intravenous infusion.

400 ml (0.4 g) daily for adults, into 2times. Increase the maximum daily dose to 600 ml(0.6 g), divided into 2times, for severe infections or susceptible bacteria.




100 ml: 0.1 g levofloxacin and 0.9g of sodium chloride.




Protect from light, keep in well-closed containers, store in a dry, cool place, not exceeding 20.




Glass infusion bottle, 100 ml/bottle.


Shelf life


24 months