Furosemide Tablet

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White tablet




For the treatment of Edema disease which includes congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, kidney disease (nephritis, kidney disease and acute and chronic renal failure caused by various reasons). Especially suitable for the situation that other diuretics has little effect. It can be combined with other drugs to treat acute pulmonary edema and acute cerebral edema.


Usage and Dosage


The initial dose is 20 ~ 40 mg by oral administration one time. If necessary, 20 ~ 40 mg more can be added after 6 ~ 8 hours until there is satisfied diuretic effect. The maximum dose can be 600 mg daily, but generally it should be within 100 mg in seperate 2~3 times to prevent excessive diuresis and adverse reaction. The dosage can be reduced to 20~40mg one time every two days. Or 20~40 mg/day for continuous 2-4 days in one week.




20 mg




Seal and store in cool and dry place.




Officinal plastic bottle, 100 tablets/bottle


Shelf life


24 months