Compound Codeine Phosphate Syrup

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Trade Name 






Yellowish and clear dense liquid; with fragrant odor of flavoring agent, taste sweet. 




Antitussive antihistamines. For coughs caused by diseases such as cold, influenza, etc.


Usage and Dosage


Take orally. Three times daily for children above the age of 12 and adults, each 5 ml~10 ml, not more than 30 ml in 24 h; Three times daily for children at the age of 6~12, each 2.5 ml~5 ml, not more than 15 ml in 24 h. Three times daily for children at the age of 2~6, each 1.25 ml~2.5 ml, not more than 7.5 ml in 24 h.




Each 100ml contains 0.2g codeine phosphate (C18H21NO3•H3PO4•11/2H2O) and 0.125 g promethazine hydrochloride.




Keep airtight and protected from light, store in cool and dark place (not more than 20 ℃).




Medicinal PET bottle for oral solutions, 60 ml/bottle/box.


Shelf life


36 Months