Perphenazine Tablet

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Sugar coated tablets. It appears white-whitish when the coat is removed.




It has good effects on the symptoms of hallucinations delusions, thought disorder, indifferent stupor, anxiety, excitement and etc. .It is suitable for schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders. For its weak sedation effect, the drug has little influence on blood pressure and is applicable for organic psychosis, senile mental disorders and children's aggressive behavior obstacles. Preventing or arresting vomiting, including various kinds of vomit and intractable hiccup.


Usage and Dosage


Oral administration.

Schizophrenia: It begins with small dosage of 2~4 mg/time and 2~3 times/day. The dosage can be added by 6 mg (3 tablets) every 1~2 days and gradually increase to 20~60 mg (10-30 tablets) /day. The maintenance dosage is 10 ~ 20 mg (5-10 tablets); Vomiting: 2~4 mg/time and 2 or 3 times/day.

Vomiting: 2~4 mg/time and 2~3 times/day.




2 mg




Sealed, away from light




Officinal plastic bottle, 100 tablets/bottle


Shelf life


36 months