Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride Tablet

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Sugar coated tablets. It appears white when the coat is revomed




1. Preferable effect on positive symptoms like restless excitement, hallucination delusion, thought disorder and behavior disorders. Suitable for schizophrenia, mania or other psychiatric disorders.

2. Preventing or arresting vomiting, including various kinds of vomit and intractable hiccup.


Usage and Dosage


Oral administration.

1. For schizophrenia or mania.Start with small initial dosage of 25~50 mg/time and 2~3 times a day. 2~3 days later. the one-day dose is increased to 400~600 mg.

2. For other mental illness, the dose should be small. The weak should use smaller dosage and add up slowly. Also suitable for controlling nausea and vomiting by taking 12.5~25 mg/time and 2~3 times a day.




25 mg; 50 mg




Sealed, away from light




Officinal plastic bottle, 100 tablets/bottle


Shelf life


24 months