Citalopram Hydrobromide Tablets

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Sugar coated tablets. It appears white when the coat is revomed




Various kinds of depression


Usage and Dosage


Oral administration, adult: 20-60 mg (1-3 tablets) per day, 1 time per day, take sololy in the morning or evening, or increase the amount gradually to 60 mg (3 tablets) with meal, the increment is usually 20 mg (1 tablet), 40 mg (2 tablets) is not recommended. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to judge the effect. The curing process lasts for at least 6 months to prevent recrudesce. The abstinence symptoms is not reported in the clinical tests, but there might be abstinence symptoms with the serotonin reuptake inhibitors, thus it needs 1 week to gradually cut down the drug. For elder patients over 65 years old and liver disease patient, the dose is reduced by half, the usual dose is 10-30 mg per day, for 10 mg per day, the recommended daily dose is 20 mg (1 tablet), daily maximum dose is 40 mg (2 tablets) per day. In case of sleep loss or serious cathisophobia, calmative treatment is recommended in the acute stage.




20 mg/tablet (calculated by citalopram )




Seal and reserve in dry place




Aluminum-plastic pack

14 tablets/1 blister/box; 14 tablets/2 blister/box


Shelf life


24 months