Pentoxifylline Injection

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Colorless and clear liquid




1. The product is intended to treat cerebral blood circulation disturbance such as cerebral dysfunction caused by transient ischemic attack, stroke sequela or cerebral ischemia.

2. The product can also be used to treat peripheral blood circulatory disturbance diseases such as chronic thromboembolic vasculitis and so on.


Usage and Dosage


Intravenous drip. The patients should be in the supine position when the drug is administered. The initial dose recommended is 0.1 g of pentoxifylline, and complete the infusion within 23 hours, the maximum drip speed should not exceed 0.1 g per hour. Dosage can be increased 0.05 g each time according to the tolerance of the patient, but the dose given for each time should not exceed 0.2 g, 12 times daily. The daily maximum dose should not exceed 0.4 g.




5 ml:100 mg




Preserve in well closed containers, protected from light.




Ampoule made of low borosilicate glass, 5 ampoules/box.


Shelf life


36 Months