Stavudine Powder for Suspension

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 Off-white powders, sweet taste, fragrant odor.




This product can be combined with other antiviral drugs to treat type I HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection.


Usage and Dosage


The dosage of the product is powder for oral administration. Before use, add purified water to the 100 ml mark on the bottle, shake until the powders are completely dissolved. Measure the required volume with the cup in the pack. The resulting solution should be stored in the refrigerator, and should be used as quickly as possible. If stored more than 30 days, it should not be used again. The interval of dosing is 12 hours, which is not related with meal.

For adult with bodyweight60 kg, 40 mg per time, 2 times a day; for the adult with bodyweight60 kg, 30 mg per time, 2 times a day.

For the child with bodyweight30 kg, 1mg per kg per time, 2 times a day; for the child with bodyweight30 kg, equal to the adult.

Dose Adjustment: If the patients have hand, foot numbness, tingling after taking the drug, attention should be paid to peripheral neuropathy. These symptoms can hardly be found in children. If any of these symptoms appear in the treatment, the stavudine treatment should be immediately terminated and symptoms can disappear, however, in some cases, the symptoms will aggravate. Until the symptoms disappeared completely, the adults could continue using the drug as the following dosages:

Weight60 kg, 20 mg/time and twice a day;

Weight<60 kg, 15 mg/time and twice a day.

The children dosage will be half.

If neuropathy occurs after continuing using this product, the treatment should be stopped.

Renal insufficiency: see Table III for the dosage of renal dysfunction.


Elimination of creatinineml/min

Recommended dose according to patient weight

≥60 kg

60 kg


40 mg/12 hr

30 mg/12 hr


20 mg/12 hr

15 mg/12 hr


20 mg/24 hr

15 mg/24 hr




0.1 g




Preserve in a tightly sealed container, stored at a dry place, protected from light.




Medicinal plastic bottle packaging, 1 bottle/box


Shelf life


36 months