Didanosine Chewable Tablet

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Trade name






Off-white tablet with fruity odor and sweet taste.




This product can be combined with other antiviral drugs to treat type I HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection.


Usage and Dosage


Dosage: take at least 30 minutes before meal or 2 hours after meal with empty stomach. Whether once or twice per day, Take at least two tablets and chew completely to provide enough buffer solution to prevent Didanosine degradation by stomach acid. The patients should take no more than 4 tablets to prevent gastrointestinal adverse reactions.
Adults: On the basis of weight, it has 2 treatment plan of once a day or twice a day.
Weight≥ 60 kg, 200 mg/time and twice a day, or 400 mg/time and once a day.
Weight < 60 kg, 125 mg/time and twice a day, or 250mg/time and once a day. The once-a-day plan is not recommended unless the patients have renal function decreases.
Children: 120 mg/time and twice a day.




25mg; 100mg




Preserve in a tightly sealed container, stored at a dry place.




Bottle packaging, 30 tablets/bottle


Shelf life


12 months