Pethidine Hydrochloride Injection

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Colorless transparent liquid




Potent analgesic, Suitable for various kinds of sharp pain, used as fore-anaesthesia drug, or adjuvant drug for local anaesthesia and intravenous-inhalation combined anesthesia. Combination with atropine is used for viscera angina.


Usage and Dosage


1. Analgesia: intramuscular injection, usual dose: 25 mg-100 mg/time, 100-400 mg/day, maximum dose: 150 mg/time, 600 mg/day. Intravenous injection, 0.3 mg/kg (weight).

2. Labor analgesia: intramuscular injection, usual dose: 25-50 mg/time, repeat in 4-6 hours as needed, maximum dose: 50-100 mg/time.

3. Preanesthetic drug: 1-2 mg/kg in 30-60 min, during the anaesthesia process: 1.2 mg/kg, prepared into diluents for 1mg/min, slow down for kids

4. Post-surgery analgesia: injection from peridural catheter, 2.1-2.5 mg / kg in 24 hours.

For moderate pain of terminal cancer patient: individualized administration, dose should be increased gradually till pain relieved, but not suggested.




2 ml:100 mg








Ampoule pack: 10 vials/box


Shelf life


60 months